Top 12 Proposals to Plastic Law

(Excerpted from an Inquirer news, Sept. 30, 2010 entitled ‘Major, major’: Death by Plastic by Ma. Ceres P. Doyo)

EcoWaste recently sought out proposals regarding the plastics problem from its partner groups. Proposals came from Buklod Tao, Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Kinaiyahan Foundation, Miss Earth Foundation, Mother Earth Foundation, Philippine Earth Justice Center and Zero Waste Philippines.

Here are the top 12 proposals that they want included in the plastics law.

1. Ban the practice of giving free plastic bags to consumers in all commercial establishments.

2. Impose a plastic bag environmental tax or levy.

3. Prohibit the use of plastic bags (i.e., thin-film, single-use plastic bags) as banderitas (fiesta buntings).

4. Phase out and eventually ban plastic sando bags.

5. Bar the importation of plastic bags and other single-use disposables such as polystyrene food and beverage containers.

6. Require commercial establishments to offer reusable alternatives to plastic bags.

7. Direct supermarkets and other retail and wholesale shops to allow their customers to bring and use bayong (native bags) and other substitute containers for goods purchased.

8. Stipulate producer responsibility and accountability, including a mandatory take-back for used bags.

9. Reinforce the prohibition against littering, dumping and burning of plastic waste.

10. Put up livelihood programs in the countryside to support the production of bayong and other reusable bags made of native materials.

11. Provide continuing public education on the health, environmental and climate impacts of plastic bags.

12. Observe and participate in the “International Plastic Bag Free Day” every 3rd of July.

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